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Please note that we can only migrate your service if your current host has FTP or cPanel access. 

Further to this, the services will need to share the same domain name, for example the primary domain name at your current host needs to match your primary domain name with us at 


Before you migrate a hosting service to us, you will first need to purchase a hosting package with us here


Once you have purchased a hosting service with us, you can request a migration by submitting a ticket to our support team here.


In order to process a cPanel migration, we will need the following details: 

  1. Current host IP address
  2. The domain name the hosting is under
  3. cPanel username
  4. cPanel password

Before submitting a cPanel migration please make sure that you’re using 60% or less of your current disk space quota as we will need this space to create a backup for the migration at your current provider.


If your current hosting provider does not use cPanel or you require a non cPanel migration, we are happy to migrate this as well. 

In order to process a FTP migration we will need the following details: 

  1. Current host IP address 
  2. the domain name the hosting is under 
  3. FTP username 
  4. FTP password

We will also require a 'dump' or backup of the websites database so we can upload this on our end. 

If you are unsure on where to find any of this information, we recommend getting in touch with your current hosting provider or web developer. 


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